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'Feels really cool': Pickering's Super Sophia Megan awarded medal fromGovernor General of Canada

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Super Sophia Project gearing up for first 'Love Box' gala in September.

Seven years into spreading love and kindness, the girl behind the Super Sophia

Project has received a big honour.

Sophia Megan, a 12-year-old Pickering resident who is nine years cancer-free, has

received a Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers. This award from the Governor General

of Canada recognizes Canadians who have made a significant, sustained and unpaid

contribution to their community.

“I was so happy to hear that I won the award because our charity, we’re doing so

(many) good things and to be recognized just feels really cool,” Sophia says.

The Super Sophia Project puts together “Love Boxes” and distributes them to

children staying in the hospital to help cheer then up.

Sophia got the idea to distribute gifts to children living with cancer in the hospital

after she received a simple, but powerful and kind, gesture while she was being

treated for leukemia.

She loves putting smiles on the faces of kids with cancer, as well as those with other

reasons for landing in the hospital.

“I’d say it’s even more exciting because we’re growing still,” she says, adding that the

project has handed out more than 30,000 boxes now.

The team of volunteers has recently taken on a somewhat urgent goal, after receiving

word that some of the hospitals it supports are out of boxes.

“We try to help out as much as we can,” said Sophia’s mother, Nicolle Georgiev.

“We’ve decided to do a summer ‘Love Box’ drive. Fill 300 boxes.”

She’s extremely proud of her strong and kind daughter.

“My heart is still so full,” Georgiev says. “I’m just really happy.”


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